Thursday, May 8, 2014

Do Your Actions Belie Your Statements?

I have never heard a teacher say that they did not want what was best for students.  More likely is a teacher telling the world that they do everything with the best interests of their students in mind.

It is easy to say that, but much harder to allow your actions to reflect that.

What if I walked in your classroom tomorrow?  Would I see in action, that which you profess in your words?  Is your classroom structured in such a way that it is all about your students?

Do you still instruct circa 1982?  Teacher in the front, desks in rows, and complacency from students the norm?  Worksheets in place of engaging learning activities, individual work instead of collaboration, or serving as the primary source of information for your students instead of any number of information sources?

You can say what you want, and even believe it yourself, but unless your actions support your statements, no one is buying it, least of all, your students!

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